The Armed Group Dataset (AGD) provides an overview of militant organizations that operated around the world between 1970 and 2012. It provides two research products for scholars: (1) brief historical narratives for each armed group and (2) organizational indicators for quantitative analysis.

This project began in 2016 using the TORG Crosswalk from the SUNY Albany Project on Violent Conflict. It was originally part of dissertation research conducted at Stanford University.

Principal Investigator: Iris Malone

Research Assistants

Research assistance, in part, comes from the following individuals: Anne Avendt, Lauren Black, Riya Borde, Alexa Corse, Sarah Dong, Sarah Gao, John Ghantous, Katherine Irajpanah, Amisha Kapur, Shantanu Kamat, Catherine Lammersen, Julia Lynn, Tanya Menezes, Rachana Muvvala, Rebecca Pan, Arushi Pandey, Michael Rover, Prisha Samdarshi, Cristina Serrano, Justin Shen, Siya Sharma, Vedikas Sridharan, Ellie Stanton, Lauren Tankeh, Rahul Verma, and Ernest Zmrzli .


2016: Project begins

2018: Finished researching and writing narratives for every country that experienced a civil conflict between 1970-2012. (1600 groups researched, 72 countries completed)

2021: Finished researching and writing narratives for remaining countries. (2700 groups researched, 144 countries completed)

Current: Researching armed groups from 2013-2019